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NAME Japan Research Institute for New Systems of Society
ADDRESS Xymax Nishishinbashi Bldg.,6-2,Nishishinbashi
2-chome Minato-ku,Tokyo,105-0003 Japan
Phone : (03)5532-8850 Fax :(03)5532-8851
E-mail :


Chief Executive Officer Hisatoshi Odanaka
Chief Operating Officer Takahiko Otani
Executive Tetsuji Kiyohara
Executive Officer Shinji Dohi
Executive Officer Hiromitsu Hatayama
Auditor Fumio Koizumi
Adviser Tadashi Aoyanagi
Legal Adviser Takuya Yamazaki(Field-R Law Offices)
Taxation Business Advisors Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting
Business Description 1.Custom Studies in Cutting-edge Business Areas (Commissioned studies)
 (1) Studies and research into leading-edge industries and technologies.
 (2) Studies contributing to the policy-making and related items for public offices, etc.
 (3) Studies and alliances for Japanese enterprises setting up operations abroad, overseas investment, etc.

2.Surveys Utilizing Internet Technology (Questionnaires)
 (1) Efficient and prompt market research utilizing the Internet.
 (2) Implementation of global surveys utilizing networks with affiliates.

3.Provision of Medical Service and Welfare Information
 (1) Operations related to information gathering and provision in areas including health, health care,
    medical service and welfare.
 (2) Consultation on business alliances and measures in the nursing care business.

4.Education and Popularization of International Information and Information on Leading-edge Broadband Technology
  in the Information Communication Sector
 (1) Planning and execution businesses of domestic and overseas symposiums, seminars,
    and events related to areas including business strategies, scientific technology,
    computer network communications and content distribution businesses.
 (2) Electronic publishing and database service businesses in connection to (1).
 (3) Design and consultation businesses for information communication systems
    including Internet using computers and PC communication.
 (4) Development of human resources in the areas of Internet application, homepage
    creation, open network application and information security technologies.
BUSINESS ALLIANCE The Hara Research Foundation
HNS International,Inc(America)
A MEMBER ORGANIZATION The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research
Copyright Research and Information Center
Japan Sports Health Industries Federation
The Telecommunications Association
The Association for Promotion of Public Local Information and Communication
You Go Lab
Mobile Broadband Association
Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open data & Big data
The Tokyo New Business Conference
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ESTABLISHMENT December 6, 1996
CAPITAL 10,000,000 yen
BANK ACCO JNTS Mizuho Bank, Shinbashi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Hibiya Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Shinbashi Branch

株式会社 新社会システム総合研究所 東京都港区西新橋 2-6-2 ザイマックス西新橋ビル 4F TEL 03-5532-8850